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The promoter of this opportunity is LIBERTY, which is referred to in this agreement as "LIBERTY REFER&EARN" and/or "R&E" as required. The products which are the supplied and sold through this opportunity are the services, products and goods described in the current LIBERTY REFER&EARN brochure (or any other R&E issued media) or otherwise distributed by LIBERTY REFER&EARN ("Products"). Sales of the Products are made by LIBERTY REFER&EARN Liberty Ambassadors who participate in the scheme as independent Contractors. The Liberty Ambassador has no financial obligation subject to this Agreement and in particular has a free choice whether or not to purchase any Products under this trading scheme. Upon acceptance of the Agreement by LIBERTY REFER&EARN and in consideration of LIBERTY REFER&EARN granting to the Liberty Ambassador the non-exclusive right and privilege to purchase and sell LIBERTY REFER&EARN Products, the Liberty Ambassador hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions:
1.The Liberty Ambassador will use his/her best efforts at all times to sell LIBERTY REFER&EARN Products. The Liberty Ambassador understands that LIBERTY REFER&EARN Liberty Ambassadors are not guaranteed any specific amount of earnings and that any earnings and success will depend upon the sale of LIBERTY REFER&EARN Products.

2.The Online Application Form, these Terms and Conditions and the Member Management Plan (as amended from time to time) constitute the entire agreement ("the Agreement") between the Liberty Ambassador and LIBERTY REFER&EARN and no other additional promises, representations, warranties or agreements of any kind shall be valid unless in writing and issued by LIBERTY REFER&EARN. Upon notification to the Liberty Ambassador, LIBERTY REFER&EARN may at its discretion amend the Agreement. The Liberty Ambassador's continued engagement in selling LIBERTY REFER&EARN Products, promoting the LIBERTY REFER&EARN business, or both, after notice of any revisions to the Agreement including in particular the Rewards Plan shall constitute his/her agreement to such revisions and legally binding amendment of the Agreement including the Member Management Plan. The Liberty Ambassador shall order Products under the Agreement in accordance with the procedure set out by LIBERTY REFER&EARN as amended from time to time. The Liberty Ambassador understands that in any event he/she may only order Products to the value of £200.00 including VAT during the seven (7) day period after entering into the Agreement.

3.There is NO REGISTRATION FEE to participate. The Liberty Ambassador acknowledges that purchase of any further Products, promotional or sales aid literature or attendance at any LIBERTY REFER&EARN sponsored training is entirely optional.

4.This Agreement is personal to the Liberty Ambassador and may not be assigned or otherwise transferred without the agreement in writing of LIBERTY REFER&EARN.

5.To become a LIBERTY REFER&EARN Liberty Ambassador, the Liberty Ambassador must have reached the age of 18 years and be resident in the United Kingdom. The Liberty Ambassador must complete an online application confirmation. LIBERTY REFER&EARN reserve the right to decline to accept any application.

6.If there is no R&E office in the new member's he/she shall be supported by R&E head office.

7.If the member of the R&E Liberty Ambassador changes their country of the residence he is obligated to inform the R&E office in that country and update the new contact details.

8.This policy describes LIBERTY REFER&EARN' duty of care, in relation to the collection and use of data, in relation to Liberty Ambassadors with regard to the data (whether personal or otherwise) that is held by it. In this regard, LIBERTY REFER&EARN is committed to:

Obtaining and processing personal data or the information constituting personal data fairly; Ensuring personal data is accurate and, where necessary, kept up-to-date; Keeping personal data for only one or more specified lawful purpose; Not using or disclosing personal data in any manner incompatible with such lawful purpose; Ensuring that personal data is adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to such purposes; Not keeping personal data for longer than is necessary for such purposes; Taking appropriate security measures against unauthorised access or alteration, disclosure or destruction of personal data and against their accident, loss or destruction. The Liberty Ambassador acknowledges that he/she has been informed by LIBERTY REFER&EARN that the information which he/she gives to LIBERTY REFER&EARN (including information relating to the Liberty Ambassador, his/her address and other details) will be retained by LIBERTY REFER&EARN on a computer database and will be used by LIBERTY REFER&EARN for the purposes of calculating the rewards commissions payable and for the performance of the LIBERTY REFER&EARN business. The Liberty Ambassador also acknowledges that LIBERTY REFER&EARN may disclose this information in connection with such purposes to other LIBERTY REFER&EARN companies and other R&E offices which may be situated inside or outside the EU and to other persons and, in particular, may disclose it to other Liberty Ambassadors as part of LIBERTY REFER&EARN's genealogies. The Liberty Ambassador consents to LIBERTY REFER&EARN retaining, processing and disclosing the information referred to as set out above.

9.Liberty Ambassadors may not have an ownership interest in or management control of more than one Liberty Ambassador position, whether direct or indirect or whether as an individual or joint-Liberty Ambassador. Operating more than one position will subject a Liberty Ambassador to suspension or termination. LIBERTY REFER&EARN shall be entitled to terminate or merge any position which in its reasonable opinion is a surrogate for another position or person.

10.LIBERTY REFER&EARN will accept individual persons, partnerships and limited companies as Liberty Ambassadors. Liberty Ambassadors may use a trading name for the conduct of their LIBERTY REFER&EARN business. Married couples or civil partners ("Spouses") who wish to become Liberty Ambassadors may join only as individuals.

11.The rights of the R&E member can't be transferred to another person except husband, and wife, shareholder of the limited company and other adult person after signing an agreement of transferring all membership rights. The person taking over can't be deprived the rights of the R&E member before.

12.The members R&E all have the same rights.

13.The Liberty Ambassador shall be remunerated in accordance with the Member Management Plan as amended from time to time.

14.The member of the R&E purchases R&E products mostly in the country of his residence. The R&E member has a right to purchase R&E products in other country where R&E exists.

15.The Agreement may be terminated by the Liberty Ambassador without penalty and with or without cause or reason at any time upon not less than fourteen (14) days written notice. Except where the obligation on the Liberty Ambassador is specified to apply after termination of the Agreement in respect of non-competition in accordance with the Agreement, the Liberty Ambassador shall be released from all future contractual liabilities towards LIBERTY REFER&EARN on termination of the Agreement at any time.

16.The Liberty Ambassador has the right within a period of fourteen (14) days, of entering into the Agreement to cancel the Agreement without penalty by written notice of termination.

17.The Liberty Ambassador understands and agrees that bonuses or commissions owed to the Liberty Ambassador on Products will cease to be owed upon termination of this Agreement or termination of UK LIBERTY PARTY Membership.

18.The R&E member has a right to represent R&E products at markets to promote products and to gain new members but may not sell any products there.

19.The Liberty Ambassador is an independent contractor and the Agreement does not create a franchise or an employer/employee, partnership, or joint venture relationship. The Liberty Ambassador shall have no legal right or authority to bind LIBERTY REFER&EARN to any obligation or to make representations or warranties on behalf of LIBERTY REFER&EARN. The Liberty Ambassador shall be responsible for the filing of all necessary tax returns and paying all applicable taxes due in relation to the Liberty Ambassador's business. Further, as an independent contractor the Liberty Ambassador agrees to:= a)abide by any and all laws, rules and regulations, pertaining to the Agreement (and in particular the Trading Schemes Regulations 1997) and/or pertaining to the promotion of LIBERTY REFER&EARN Products; and b)at the Liberty Ambassador's expense, make, execute or file, all reports and obtain all licences (including if applicable, VAT registration) as are required by law or public authority with respect to the Agreement and/or the sale of LIBERTY REFER&EARN Products. In the event that LIBERTY REFER&EARN is required to pay VAT on any payments due to the Liberty Ambassador under the Rewards Plan or otherwise LIBERTY REFER&EARN reserves the right or otherwise (subject to any necessary approvals) to self bill for such sums, in which event VAT shall only be paid to the Liberty Ambassador if the Liberty Ambassador is registered for VAT and provides LIBERTY REFER&EARN with a copy of his/her VAT registration certificate. If the Liberty Ambassador having been registered, becomes de-registered for VAT voluntarily or due to his/her turnover falling below the VAT threshold applicable at the relevant time or otherwise, he/she shall notify LIBERTY REFER&EARN in writing of the fact of such de-registration within fourteen (14) days of the de-registration taking effect. If LIBERTY REFER&EARN is obliged or liable to make any payment of VAT to the tax authorities as a result of the failure of the Liberty Ambassador to notify LIBERTY REFER&EARN of de-registration for VAT then the Liberty Ambassador acknowledges and agrees that LIBERTY REFER&EARN shall be entitled to recover from him/her the amount of such VAT by deduction from the Liberty Ambassador's account with LIBERTY REFER&EARN or by any other means available to LIBERTY REFER&EARN from time to time.

20.The Liberty Ambassador agrees that payments of refunds will be made in the same form as the original payment.

21.The Liberty Ambassador agrees that in conducting his/her LIBERTY REFER&EARN business that he/she will: a)Conduct himself/herself and deal with customers and other Liberty Ambassadors with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness; b)Be honest in all business dealings; c)Represent LIBERTY REFER&EARN Member Management Plan completely to all potential Liberty Ambassadors and without making any misleading or exaggerated income claims; d)Make estimates of income that are based on reasonable predictions for what an average Liberty Ambassador would achieve in normal circumstances; e)Represent that past earnings in a given set of circumstances do not necessarily reflect future earnings; f)Not misrepresent the amount of expenditure that an average Liberty Ambassador might incur in carrying on the business; g)Not misrepresent the amount of time an average Liberty Ambassador would have to devote to the business to achieve the income estimated and not stating that income or earnings are guaranteed for any individual Liberty Ambassador; h)Fulfil all obligations associated with sponsoring other Liberty Ambassadors, including training, motivation and support; i)Familiarise himself/herself with and abide by these Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time and ensure that he/she at all times is operating in accordance with the most current version of the terms and Conditions; j)Familiarise himself/herself with and abide by all laws, common laws, regulations and statutes of any country in which he/she conducts his/her LIBERTY REFER&EARN business.

22.The Liberty Ambassador will not use LIBERTY REFER&EARN's trade marks, trade name, slogans, symbols, and colour scheme without LIBERTY REFER&EARN's written permission except in the marketing materials, sample Products and promotional materials provided or sold to the Liberty Ambassador by LIBERTY REFER&EARN.

23.LIBERTY REFER&EARN agrees to supply the Liberty Ambassador with the Products ordered by him/her. The Liberty Ambassador shall place orders in accordance with the procedure set out by LIBERTY REFER&EARN and shall be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the orders he/she places. The price of the Products shall be indicated in the then current price list issued by LIBERTY REFER&EARN from time to time. LIBERTY REFER&EARN reserves the right to change the price of Products from time to time. LIBERTY REFER&EARN reserves the right to sell Products to other Liberty Ambassadors and nothing in this Agreement shall entitle the Liberty Ambassador to any priority of supply in relation to the Products as against LIBERTY REFER&EARN' other Liberty Ambassadors. LIBERTY REFER&EARN reserves the right to decline any order in its entire discretion.

24.LIBERTY REFER&EARN shall be under no obligation to the Liberty Ambassador to release any Products to the Liberty Ambassador.

25.The Liberty Ambassador agrees that in conducting his/her LIBERTY REFER&EARN business that he/she will represent LIBERTY REFER&EARN Products in complete accordance with the information contained in LIBERTY REFER&EARN literature and without making misleading product claims; Any verbal or written statements made by the Liberty Ambassador, as an independent contractor, with regard to LIBERTY REFER&EARN Products and the LIBERTY REFER&EARN business opportunity must be based strictly on the written information issued by LIBERTY REFER&EARN, for example, in current Liberty Ambassador and sales promotion literature. The Liberty Ambassador is liable for all statements he/she may make which deviate from such information issued by LIBERTY REFER&EARN and hereby indemnifies LIBERTY REFER&EARN from any loss, damages, claims, costs including legal fees or court costs or fines arising from unauthorised representations made by the Liberty Ambassador.

26.In consideration of the granting of the Liberty Ambassador position, the Liberty Ambassador agrees that the Liberty Ambassador shall not during the term of the Agreement or for a period of ninety (90) days thereafter, take or encourage any action the purpose or effect of which would be to circumvent, breach, interfere with or diminish the value or benefit of LIBERTY REFER&EARN' contractual relationships with any LIBERTY REFER&EARN Liberty Ambassadors. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Liberty Ambassador shall not directly or indirectly contact, solicit, entice, sponsor or accept any of LIBERTY REFER&EARN' Liberty Ambassadors [(except those personally sponsored by him/her) into, or in any way promote to any such Liberty Ambassadors opportunities in competing marketing programmes of any direct sales company other than LIBERTY REFER&EARN or to cease being a LIBERTY REFER&EARN Liberty Ambassador.

27.LIBERTY REFER&EARN may terminate the agreement with immediate affect a)if the Liberty Ambassador makes a false of misleading statement on his/her application form b)the Liberty Ambassador breaches any of the provisions of the Agreement or c)if a petition for the Liberty Ambassador's bankruptcy is presented to any Court having jurisdiction over the Liberty Ambassador

28.On termination LIBERTY REFER&EARN shall pay all commissions and bonuses due up to the date of termination and the downline sales organisation of the former Liberty Ambassador shall be rolled up to his/her immediate upline sponsor.

29.Upon the death of a Liberty Ambassador, the rights and responsibilities of the Liberty Ambassador are passed on to the rightful heir(s) who shall be eligible either (i) to accept the Liberty Ambassador position on the terms and conditions of the Liberty Ambassador Agreement as if they were a party thereto or (ii) to require final payment of sums due (if any) under the Liberty Ambassador Agreement. LIBERTY REFER&EARN reserves the right to suspend the Liberty Ambassador position until receipt of documentation evidencing the entitlement of the heir to the deceased's Liberty Ambassador position.

30.LIBERTY REFER&EARN's Genealogies (being the information held by LIBERTY REFER&EARN relating to its Liberty Ambassadors, which at LIBERTY REFER&EARN's option may include but are not limited to its relationships with each of its Liberty Ambassadors and historical purchasing information for each Liberty Ambassador) contain confidential information which is highly sensitive and valuable to LIBERTY REFER&EARN's business and which shall at all times remain the property of LIBERTY REFER&EARN. In the event that LIBERTY REFER&EARN shall agree to disclose details of any of its Genealogies to the Liberty Ambassador: (a)the Liberty Ambassador shall (to the extent such details are not publicly available other than by breach of the Agreement) at all times and without limit in time treat such details as confidential information in the nature of a trade secret and shall not use or disclose or permit the use or disclosure of such details to any other person (and shall take all reasonable steps to protect and maintain the security of the information) and shall use the details solely for the benefit of the Liberty Ambassador's LIBERTY REFER&EARN business and of LIBERTY REFER&EARN and for the stated purpose for which they were provided; (b)the Liberty Ambassador shall return copies of any such information to LIBERTY REFER&EARN forthwith upon the termination of the Agreement for whatever reason.

31.No failure to exercise and no delay in exercising on the part of LIBERTY REFER&EARN, any right under the Agreement shall operate as a waiver thereof.

32.Any notice or other written communication given under or in connection with the Agreement may be delivered personally or sent by first class post to LIBERTY REFER&EARN at the address shown on the Application Form or such other address notified from time to time by such party to the other.

33.If at any time any term or provision in the Agreement shall be held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part under any rule of law or enactment such term or provision or part shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of the Agreement but the enforceability of the remainder of the Agreement shall not be affected.

34.The terms and provisions of the Agreement and any dispute arising thereunder shall be governed by English law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

JULY 2020

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